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I began to play drums a the age of 9. Several years later I started focussing  more on Percussion and after finishing school I decided to travel to get more information about my new passion. Especially Cuba was an amazing experience full of music, Afro Cuban Percussion and adventure. I stayed for almost a year. Then I moved to Brasil and also to Senegal to play some Djembe. Working already as a professional musician.


2005 I founded my own band: LARIBA. A transglobal fusion of Reggae, Salsa, Rap, Brasil and Jazz. 


I'm playing Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Batàs, Cajon, Pandeiro, Djembée, and many small percussion instruments. Sometimes also some Drums and Piano.

I never cared about boundaries, I always played and listened to different styles. As long as they are played well. So I found myself in different projects playing Flamenco, Salsa, Pop, Musical, Jazz, Funk, Brasil, Rock, Hip Hop or even some classical adventures.


Lately I'm developing a little producing and recording thing which seems quite interesting and growing. 


And I'm always wondering... what's next?




I had the pleasure to learn from those masters of percussion


click on the picture to read an interview by Jazzdrummerworld:

Miguel "Anga" DIaz
Marcos Suzano
Roman Diaz
Julio Barreto
Tomas Ramos, el "Panga"
Roberto Vizcaino
Jose Hernandez
Alejandro Panetta
Herlan Sariol
el "Cepillo"
Willy Kotoun
Tony Renold
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