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20th of January - Swiss Jazz Orchestra - Bern
22nd of January - Latin Jam Session - Moods Zürich
24th of January - Cesar Correa y Manon - La Spirale, Fribourg
25th of January Error 404 - Basel
26th - 31th of January - Justina Lee Brown - Memphis Blues Festival, USA
3rd  - 10th of February - Justina Lee Brown Tour - Alabama & Florida
29th of February - Cesar Correa y Manon - Montreux
1st of March, Afro Peruvian Sessions, Zürich
7th of March, Error404, Stäfa
8th of March, Tropikaos, Zürich
15th of March, Error 404, Heidelberg, DE
22nd of  March, Rodrigo Ventura, Aura, Zürich
29th of March, Afro peruvian sessions, Lausanne
5th of April, Afrodize Show, Kreuzlingen
13/14th of April, Buena Vista social project, Lucerne
18th of April, Lariba, Baden
3rd of May, Yulee B, Lucerne
4rd of May, Freestyle Dance Import, Dynamo Zürich
10th of May, Afro peruvian sessions, Freiburg
11th of May, Lariba, Winterthur
13th of May, Afrodize Show, Frauenfeld
24th of May, Lariba, Männedorf
1st of June, Lariba, Bergen, Norway
6th of June, El Tiger, Vibez Festival Biel
8th of June, Error 404, Porrentury, Monde du Couleur 
10th of June, Error 404, OpenOhr Festival Mainz, De
13th & 14th of June, Tanja Dankner, Art Basel
15th of June, Flamenco y Salsa, Volkshaus Zürich
19th of June, Lenzburgiade, private
22nd of June, William Chirinos, Photobastei Zürich
28th of June, Loco Escrito, Trucker Festival Interlaken
29th of June, Error 404, Woodstock  der Blasmusik, Austria
4th of July, Cesar Correa Duo, Zürich
6th of July, Fusion Square Garden, Kiental Openair
20th of July, Simone Santos Duo, Ticino
25 & 26th of July, Lariba, Festival da Jazz, St. Moritz
27th of July, Loco Escrito, Openair Etzikon
28th of July, Error 404, Uhuru Festival
31th of July, Lariba, Brunnen Openair
2nd of August, Error 404, Africa Festival, Freiburg DE
3rd of August, Error 404, Festival Regensburg, DE
4rd of August, Error  404, Lott Festival Raversbeuren, DE
9th of August, Jazztage Lichtensteig
10 of August, Error 404, Brass on stage Festival Hergiswil
15 of August, Lariba, Badi Hünenberg
16th of August, Error 404, Bebby  si Jazz, Basel
17th of August, Lariba, private
18th of August, Tanja Dankner
23rd of August, Yulee B, Schüür Luzern
24rd of August, Roberto Marcano, private
30rd of August, Error 404, Jazznight Zug
31st of August, Loco Escrito, Biel
12th of September, Doron Lev and Rabbi Darkside, Casino Baden
13rd of September, Lariba, Moods Zürich
14th of September, Roland Satterwhite Duo, Nussbaumen
14th of September, Doron Lev and Rabbi Darkside, Breakthrough Festival, Rote Fabrik Zürich
15th of September, Choir, Luzern
17th of September, Doron Lev and Rabbi Darkside, Zürich
19th of September, Justina Lee Brown, Casino Baden
20 of September, Cesar Correa, Mimos Zürich
27th of September, Spanish Night, Casino Baden
28th of September, Tanja Dankner, private
26th of October, Marc Sway & Bligg, private show
29th of October, CDN, KKL Luzern
10th of November, CDN Zürich
16th of November, CDN Glarus
16th of November, late night show, Rodrigo Ventura
23th of November, CDN Glarus
30rd of November, Marc Sway, Samnaun
6th of March. LARIBA at SOB's, New York City
7th of March. LARIBA, Global Cuba Fest, Miami
11th of March. Jazzbarragge, Zürich with Julio Barreto, Cesar Correa and Rodrigo Aravena
15th of March. LARIBA Winterthur
20th of March. Müslüm, KK Thun
28th of March. Shem Thomas, Winterthur
28th of March. Müslüm, Winterthur Salzhaus
3rd of April. LARIBA, Meck, Frick
9th of April. Juan Carlos Zeta, Baden
1st of May. Nubya, Stettfurt
1st of May. Dani Felber, Stettfurt
2nd of May. Keiser Twins, Gala, Pfäffikon
16th of May, Müslüm, Chur
23th of May, ETH Big Band Belfort, FIMU, France
24th of May, ETH Big Band Belfort, FIMU, France
30th of May. MSOKE, Potsdam, DE
5th of June. Uglybraine, Moods, Zürich
6th of June, Uglybraine, Meck, Frick
9th of June, Uglybraine, Vagabondo, Zürich
19th of June. Dani Felber, Frauenfeld
20th of June. Tanja Dankner, private
27th of June. Müslüm, Bern
27th of June. Dani Felber, Romanshorn
4th of July. Dani Felber, Zürich, Sommernachtsball HB
12th of July, Ingrid Lukas, private
18th of July private Sax & Conga
24th of July, Rodry Go interlatina
1st of August. Dani Felber, Ascona
8th of August, Tanja Dankner, private
15th of August, Roberto Marcano private
20th of August, Palavrion Zh, Al Terry Jam
22nd of August, Müslüm, DE
29th of August, Tanja Dankner, Saalbau Reinach
4th of September, Müslüm, Thun, Mokka
5th of September, LARIBA, Obere Mühle Dübendorf
17th of September, Keiser Twins, private
25th of September. Dani Felber, Weinfelden
Irie Revolte Support Tour
2nd of October, Msoke, Dresden, Strasse E, DE
3rd of October, Msoke, Brno (CZ), Sono Centrum
4th of October, Msoke, Prag (CZ), Roxy
6th of October, Msoke, Wien (A), Arena
23th of October, Müslüm, Liestal
23rd of October, Solo Dos, Biel, Kuppel
24th of October. Dani Felber, St. Gallen
24th of October, Müslüm
14th of November, Rodry-Go, Groningen, (NL)
21th of November, MSOKE, Hive, Zürich
26th of November, Nubya, Spiez
27th of November, Nubya, Bern
28th of November, Nubya, Waltenschwil
4th of December, Nubya, Gossau
5th of December, Nubya, private
10th of December, Nubya, Zürich
11th of December, Nubya, Basel
12th of December, Tanja Dankner, Sihlcity Zürich
12th of December, Nubya, Baden
12th of December, Rodry-Go, Coupole, Biel
13th of December, Nubya, Bern, private
16 of December, Pablo Miguez Trio, private
19th of December, Tanja Dankner, Basel
19th of December, St Josephs Pub Zürich, Pablo Miguez Trio
26th of December, Cesar Correa
31th of December, Alcira, Gstaad, private
16th of January, Rodry-GO, Dornbirn, Austria
10th of March, Müslüm, Berlin
5th of May, The Emerson, Brooklyn, NYC
6th of May, Ritmosis, Groove, New York
7th of May, Uglybraine, Blue Note, New York
14th of May, Müslüm, Bern
15th of May, Alina Amuri, Moods Zürich
31th of May, Lariba, Bergen, Norway


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